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47 Post author: Habryka 15 September 2017 03:00AM

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Comment author: DragonGod 20 September 2017 07:53:21AM *  0 points [-]

Okay, this will probably not happen.

Thank God you agree, and thus I think it's value as a thought experiment is nil.

But I think that downvoting is an important thing and should not be disincentivized per se.

Disincentivising downvoting discourages frivolous use of downvotes, and encourages responsible downvoting usage.

If you just disagree with someone, you're more likely to reply than downvote them if you care about your karma for example.

Actually, other than Eugine, people usually don't downvote enough. (And for Eugine, this is not a problem at all; he will get the karma back by upvoting himself with his other sockpuppets.)

On StackExchange upvotes and downvotes from accounts with less than 15 rep are recorded but don't count (presumably until the account gains more than 15 rep). LW may decide to set her bar lower (10 rep?) or higher (>= 20 rep?), but I think the core insight is very good and would be a significant improvement if applied to LW.