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OrphanWilde comments on LW Women: LW Online - Less Wrong Discussion

29 [deleted] 15 February 2013 01:43AM

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Comment author: OrphanWilde 21 February 2013 03:00:34PM 2 points [-]

"Mansplaining"? Personally, I don't want whatever group the author represents, which isn't women in general.

Comment author: Manfred 23 February 2013 09:25:41AM *  0 points [-]

She presumably represents, like everyone, a whole raft of groups - herself quite well, people very like her less so, and all of humanity to a still pretty good degree. Out of that raft, the one I'd guess you mean is "people who display ingroup/outgroup signals I am emotionally averse to like saying 'mansplaining'." We can probably afford to give people a little more attention as people than that.