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8 Post author: John_Maxwell_IV 06 September 2017 04:17AM

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Comment author: Crab 28 October 2017 05:44:00AM 1 point [-]

Reposting my comment from lukeprog's thread with slight edits.

It would be useful for me if some of you guys shared your methodology of choosing textbook / course / whatever for learning X, especially if X has something to do with math, computer science or programming.

My methodology (especially for math, computer science and programming) (in no particular order):

  • I know Russian and English but I prefer English textbooks, because there are more textbooks in English produced. If their usefulness for me is a gaussian distribution, then top textbooks in English are probably better, than top textbooks in Russian.
  • Go to http://lesswrong.com/lw/3gu/the_best_textbooks_on_every_subject/ and look at recommendations
  • Go to libgen, search for the keyword and sort by the publisher or by year. Identify potentially good publishers, e.g. top universities of the world or top universities in that field, or Springer
  • Check rating on goodreads and/or on amazon
  • Check top comments by usefulness on goodreads and/or amazon
  • Download the book, look at the Contents section, see how useful they seem to me
  • Google best textbook on ${subject name}, ${book title 1} vs ${book title 2}. Pay special attention to results on stackexchange. Do the same google search with site:reddit.com.

New ideas which I haven't tried yet: * Look for a subreddit or freenode chat on the topic I am interested in. See if there's a recommended reading list pinned there.