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42 Post author: komponisto 13 December 2009 04:16AM

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Comment author: kodos96 14 December 2009 06:00:01PM 4 points [-]

"luminaled footprints, whether or not they were Amanda's and Sollecito's as claimed, proves that someone cleaned something"

No it doen't. Luminal doesn't reveal blood EXCLUSIVELY. I read somewhere, sorry, can't remember where, that it can also light up things like just sweaty/dirty footprints, no blood necessary.

Comment author: rmattbill 15 December 2009 07:27:15AM 7 points [-]

You're absolutely correct. Not only that, but the Luminol footprints specifically tested NEGATIVE for the presence of blood. Every single one of them.

Comment author: pataz1 16 December 2009 11:51:19PM -1 points [-]

"If Luminol is used it can destroy important properties of the blood. While it can detect even small amounts of blood, the disadvantage is often that the small amount identified is diluted further by the Luminol solution. For these reasons, Luminol is encouraged to be used as a last resort in crime scene investigations to protect the physical evidence."

Read more at Suite101: Luminol - Chemiluminescent Blood Detector: Forensic Investigators' Essential Tool for Crime Scene Investigation | Suite101.com http://crime-scene-processing.suite101.com/article.cfm/chemiluminescent_luminol#ixzz0Ztn6XLRc

Comment author: Jack 17 December 2009 07:57:13AM *  5 points [-]

I Luminoled your bathroom. There were bloody footprints everywhere! Yeah, I didn't find any actual blood, but like you said Luminol can dilute blood.

Who did you kill in your bathroom Pat? How could you do such a thing?! You monster!