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25 Post author: orthonormal 26 December 2011 10:57PM

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Comment author: _ozymandias 27 December 2011 05:32:24PM 22 points [-]

Hi everyone! I'm Ozy.

I'm twenty years old, queer, poly, crazy, white, Floridian, an atheist, a utilitarian, and a giant geek. I'm double-majoring in sociology and psychology; my other interests range from classical languages (although I am far from fluent) to guitar (although I suck at it) to Neil Gaiman (I... can't think of a self-deprecating thing to say about my interest in Neil Gaiman). I use zie/zir pronouns, because I identify outside the gender binary; I realize they're clumsy, but English's lack of a good gender-neutral pronoun is not my fault. :)

One of my big interests is the intersection between rationality and social justice. I do think that a lot of the -isms (racism, sexism, ableism, etc.) are rooted in cognitive biases, and that we're not going to be able to eliminate them unless we understand what quirks in the human mind cause them. I blog about masculism (it is like feminism! Except for dudes!) at No Seriously What About Teh Menz; right now it's kind of full of people talking about Nice-Guy-ism, but normally we have a much more diverse front page. I believe that several of the people here read us (hi Nancy! hi Doug! hi Hugh, I like you, when you say I'm wrong you use citations!).

I've lurked here for more than a year; I got here from Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, just like everyone else. I've made my way through a lot of the Sequences, but need to set aside some time to read through all of them. I don't know much about philosophy, math, science, or computers, so I imagine I will be lurking here a lot. :)

Comment author: MBlume 02 January 2012 09:25:26PM 6 points [-]

Hi Ozy, it's really good to see you here, I enjoy the blog a lot. I remember reading one of your first social justice 101 posts, finding it peppered with LW links, and thinking "holy crap, somebody's using LW as a resource to get important background information out of the way while talking about something-really-important-that-isn't-itself-rationality -- this is awesome and totally what LW should be for", so that made me happy =)

Comment author: _ozymandias 02 January 2012 10:05:02PM 2 points [-]

Thanks! LW actually helped me crystallize that a lot of the stuff social-justice-types talk about is not some special case of human evil, but the natural consequence of various cognitive biases (that, in this case, serves to disadvantage certain types of people).

Comment author: MileyCyrus 29 December 2011 03:50:29AM 4 points [-]

Her blog is good. Instead of blindly cheering for a side in the feminism vs men's-rights football game, Ozymandias actually tries to understand the problem and recommend workable solutions.

Comment author: _ozymandias 29 December 2011 04:20:52AM 4 points [-]

Thank you very much, Miley! I tend to view feminism and men's rights as being inherently complementary: in general, if we make women more free of oppressive gender roles, we will tend to make men more free of oppressive gender roles, and vice versa. However, in the great football game of feminists and men's rights advocates, I'm pretty much on Team Feminism, which is why I get so upset when it's clearly doing things wrong.

Also, my pronoun is zie, please. :)

Comment author: MileyCyrus 29 December 2011 04:34:34AM *  1 point [-]

However, in the great football game of feminists and men's rights advocates, I'm pretty much on Team Feminism, which is why I get so upset when it's clearly doing things wrong.

What I meant is that you actually demand results from your team, instead of giving them a free pass just because they have a certain label.

Comment author: _ozymandias 29 December 2011 04:59:01AM 0 points [-]

Ah, thank you. I misunderstood. :) I've had a few problems with people being confused about why my blog uses so much feminist dogma if it's a men's rights blog, so I'm hyper-sensitive about being mistaken for a non-feminist.

Comment author: NancyLebovitz 29 December 2011 05:26:55AM 2 points [-]

Hi, Ozy!

I've enjoyed your writing at No Seriously What About Teh Menz; so it's good to see you here.

Comment author: CronoDAS 30 December 2011 03:37:35AM 0 points [-]

Hi Ozy! (It's Doug.) Glad to see you decided to stop lurking and join in!

Comment author: windmil 28 December 2011 03:59:55AM 0 points [-]

The only LWer that I've noticed was from Florida! (Of course, people don't too frequently pepper their posts with particulars of their placement.)

Comment author: _ozymandias 28 December 2011 05:21:36AM 1 point [-]

Where are you? I'm in Fort Lauderdale and the Tampa area. If we're near each other maybe we could arrange one of those meetup thingies...

Comment author: [deleted] 31 December 2011 09:16:30PM 1 point [-]

Hi ozy!

I am really happy to see you on here! I enjoy your blog.

This map shows that as of last week-ish there were at least four Floridians on LW. Unfortunately, their identity is unknown, and you guys seem to be spread out. But if you post a meetup, you can see who responds. Good luck!

Comment author: khafra 03 January 2012 08:58:03PM 0 points [-]

I just got back to Saint Petersburg from a trip to San Francisco that included a meetup at Tortuga, and that was nifty, so I'll throw my hat into the ring.

Comment author: windmil 28 December 2011 01:36:44PM 0 points [-]

That could be cool if we ever got around to it. I'm usually in either Daytona Beach or Gainesville, not that it's too big of a state to drive across... at least width-wise.

Comment author: MixedNuts 02 January 2012 05:41:01PM 0 points [-]

turns into a raving fanboy, squees, explodes

Comment author: _ozymandias 02 January 2012 09:07:00PM 3 points [-]

Dammit, could someone clean the fanboy off the ceiling? The goop is getting in my hair. :)

Comment author: HughRistik 28 December 2011 10:08:16AM 0 points [-]

Hi Ozy!