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25 Post author: orthonormal 26 December 2011 10:57PM

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Comment author: faul_sname 02 January 2012 08:21:16AM 6 points [-]


I've been reading LessWrong for a year or so, and made an account about two months ago to comment on the survey. Seeing as I have continued to comment, I suppose that I should introduce myself.

I am an 18 year old college student, majoring in neuroscience. I don't affiliate politically, though I do have opinions on specific policy issues. In particular, I think that we should allow more experimental policies if the potential risks are not too high, perhaps testing them locally.

I don't remember exactly how I came to start reading LessWrong, but I have suspicion that it may have been through the xkcd forums. I was drawn here by the sequences, and I stay because of the high quality of discussions on this site.