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25 Post author: orthonormal 26 December 2011 10:57PM

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Comment author: macronencer 11 January 2012 12:50:47PM 6 points [-]

Greetings from Southampton, UK.

Male, 46, Maths graduate, software developer, career in transitional state (moving into music composition - slowly!).

Until about the age of 30 I didn't really make an effort to identify my own biases and irrational beliefs, and I had a lot of unsupported beliefs in my mind. I've been gradually correcting this through online reading and thinking, but I feel that until recently I lacked one of the essential elements of wisdom: clarity of focus. I'm hoping to learn that now.

Since I was divorced in 2004, I've increasingly become someone who would self-identify as a Transhumanist, and I used to hang out with a H+ group in London for a while (UKTA).

I found LW very recently, when I was researching an online probability puzzle and I needed to refresh my memory on the Bayesian approach. I now regard this as a very happy accident and I look forward to a pleasant few months of digging deeply into LW and teaching myself to become as rational as possible.

I gobbled up HP:MoR in just a few days, losing significant sleep while doing so: it's extremely addictive :) I've not read the sequences yet but they look interesting, and it strikes me that the "titles, then summaries, then contents" approach to library conquest mentioned in the fanfic would be a good idea in this context.

Happy to be here!