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25 Post author: orthonormal 26 December 2011 10:57PM

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Comment author: Helloses 03 April 2012 11:29:33PM *  5 points [-]

Hi, I'm a long-time reader of Eliezer's various scribblings and I'm interested in getting a meetup group going in Minneapolis after we've had a few false starts. This is the post I'm trying to gather the karma to enable:

Meetup: Twin Cities, MN (for real this time)

THE TIME: 15 April 2012 01:00:00PM (-0600) THE PLACE: Purple Onion Coffeeshop, 1301 University Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis, MN

Hi. Let's make this work.

Suggested discussion topics would be:

  • What do we want this group to do? Rationality practice? Skill sharing? Mastermind group?
  • Acquiring guinea pigs for the furtherance of mad science (testing Center for Modern Rationality material)
  • Fun - what it is and how to have almost more of it than you can handle

If you'd like to suggest a location closer to you or a different time, please comment to that effect. If you know a good coffeeshop with ample seating in Uptown or South Minneapolis, we could meet there instead. Also comment if you'd like to carpool.

If you're even slightly interested in this, please join up or at least comment.

Folks, let's hang out and take it from there.

I'm a concert pianist and freelance computer guy for small businesses. My hobbies include indie art games and reverse-trolling A.T.Murray/Mentifex on AGI-list. Cheers.

Comment author: arundelo 04 April 2012 03:11:53AM 3 points [-]

reverse-trolling [Ment.if.ex]

You have spoken his name. If this summons him, it's on you!