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25 Post author: orthonormal 26 December 2011 10:57PM

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Comment author: CWG 25 May 2012 09:23:20AM *  6 points [-]

Greetings! I joined under my usual username a little while ago, that I use everywhere on the web. Then I realized - this is very public, and I'd rather not worry about potential clients or employers drawing conclusions from what I write about my akrasia, poor planning, depression or anything like that. So here's the version of me that's slightly less connected to my real life identity.

Very briefly:

  • I feel pretty much at home here.
  • Rationality is awesome.
  • HP:MOR is not only awesome, it's also my favorite Harry Potter book by a long way.
  • Rationality has not always helped me in having happy relationships. But sometimes it has.
  • I'm a former Christian, and though it had many benefits, the useful part of what I learned in 9 years could be compressed into a part-time course of a few months, without the superstitious stuff.
  • I struggle with planning and focus - I often have no sense of time.
  • I could probably be described with terms like akrasia, ADD and executive dysfunction, and maybe even Aspergers, aka high-functioning autistic. I'm not throwing the terms around lightly - a counselor suggested I had ADD (and it makes sense) and a number of people in my family (grandfather, brother, nephew) show many of the signs of high-functioning autism.
  • I work with a non-profit that I'm passionate about, but I want to be much more effective.
  • I have a discussion question I want to post about project management tools, but I don't have the points. I'd just passed the 20 points needed on my old account, but I'm back to zero as "CWG". Upvotes will make me smile :-).