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5 Post author: Elo 02 May 2016 02:43AM

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Comment author: Elo 02 May 2016 08:53:44AM *  0 points [-]

I did an exercise in generating my values.

A value is like a direction - you go north, or south. You may hit goal mountains and hang a right past that tree but you still want to be going north. Specifically you may want to lose weight on the way to being healthy, but being healthy is what you value. This was from a 5-10 minute brainstorm, pen+paper session (with a timer) in one of our dojos. I kinda don't want it to be for just my benefit; so I figured I would share it here; they are in no order.

My values rot13:

  • Haqrefgnaq ubj guvatf jbex

  • Yvir ybat, Urnygul

  • Unir rabhtu jrnygu gb yvir jvgubhg jbeel sbe zl shgher (naq zl snzvyl'f shgher)

  • Perngr guvatf bs inyhr gb zr be bguref - Neg, Jevgvat, Pbafgehpgvbaf, jbbq/ryrpgebavp, Prenzvpf

  • Uryc jvgu gur gbbyf bs gur shgher

  • Haqrefgnaq ubj V jbex rabhtu fb gung V pna jbex gbjneqf nyy bs zl inyhrf

  • qb guvatf V rawbl

  • unir gur cbjre gb or serr gb qb nf V cyrnfr

  • yrnir n yrtnpl (ivn perngvat guvatf)

  • uryc crbcyr ol oevatvat gurz gbtrgure

  • unir vasyhrapr jura V jnag vg

  • or npxabjyrqtrq (fhotbny gb yrtnpl)

  • Nibvq nqqvpgvba, fgntangvba, cnva, ybaryvarff, wnvy, qrog, qehtf.

  • Xabjyrqtr - (fhotbny gb qbvat gur guvatf V jnag gb qb)

  • Or ebznagvpnyyl unccl/shyshyyrq

Hopefully this gets you thinking about doing the exercise once for yourself. Also some ideas came from that I wrote a while back.