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88 Post author: ChrisHallquist 10 October 2013 02:10AM

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Comment author: lavalamp 10 October 2013 12:13:06AM 34 points [-]

Needs a TL;DR:

  1. Politicians probably conform to the median voter's views.
  2. Most voters are not the median, so most people usually dislike the winning politicians.
  3. But people dislike the politicians for different reasons.
  4. Nerds should avoid giving advice that boils down to "behave optimally". Instead, analyze the reasons for the current failure to behave optimally and give more targeted advice.
Comment author: ChrisHallquist 10 October 2013 01:50:21AM 7 points [-]

That may be better than anything I would come up with on my own. Mind if I cut-and-paste?

Comment author: lavalamp 10 October 2013 10:41:36PM 7 points [-]

Not at all! Go for it!

Comment author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 10 October 2013 05:49:44PM 2 points [-]

Since lavalamp hasn't responded my interpretation of netiquette is that you can just do it anyway (with attribution). I don't think I'd even have asked; a comment on one of my posts is always fair game for attributed inclusion into the text, just like the post itself is fair game for inclusion into comments.

Comment author: lukeprog 10 October 2013 08:07:19PM 1 point [-]

When Jandila offered a succinct summary of part of one of my posts, I just added it to the OP (w/ proper credit) without asking for permission.