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19 Post author: John_Maxwell_IV 12 June 2016 07:38AM

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Comment author: rayalez 15 June 2016 12:20:49AM *  1 point [-]

Hey, everyone! Author of rationalfiction.io here.

I am actively building and improving our website, and I would be happy to offer it as a new platform for LW community, if there's interest.

I can take care of the hosting, and build all the necessary features.

I've been thinking about creating a LW-like website for a while now, but I wasn't sure that it will work. After reading this post I have decided that I'm going launch and see where it goes.

If there's any ideas or suggestions about how such platform can be improved or what features we'll need - let's discuss them.

By the way, the platform is open source(though I will probably fork it as a separate project and develop it in a new repo).