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84 Post author: AnnaSalamon 27 November 2016 05:13PM

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Comment author: Morendil 27 November 2016 11:11:26AM 5 points [-]

There was a sudden exodus of talent, which reduced posting frequency, and took the wind out of the sails.

I'd be wary of post hoc ergo propter hoc in this context. You might also have expected that by leaving for other projects these posters would create a vacuum for others to fill. It could be worth looking at why that didn't happen.

Comment author: Kaj_Sotala 27 November 2016 05:50:24PM 12 points [-]

One interesting thing is that at one point post-Eliezer, there were two "rising stars" on LW who were regularly producing lots of fascinating content: lukeprog and So8res. Both stopped regularly posting here some time after they were recruited by MIRI and their priorities shifted.