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65 Post author: Yvain 03 November 2012 11:00PM

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Comment author: MugaSofer 27 November 2012 03:14:32AM 0 points [-]

If you think you disagree with the LW consensus (and thus presumably have updated as such) you should probably post this in the irrationality Game.

Comment author: [deleted] 27 November 2012 03:24:44AM 0 points [-]

Doesn't that game disallow counterfactuals and value judgements?

Comment author: MugaSofer 27 November 2012 03:33:10AM *  0 points [-]

... maybe.

CEV should patch that, though.

EDIT: the rules say "preferences". Personally, I'd allow it; it seems in keeping with the spirit of the game.